Success Training For Teens

12-Week Coaching Program That Prepares Your Teen For Success In School And Life

In this course, Mike works one-on-one with teens and pre-teens to practice habits that lead to success in school and in life.  


Is your teen struggling socially due to teasing and/or bullying?


Has school become more difficult for your teenage son or daughter, leading to a loss of self-confidence?


Are you worried about how your child is handling your separation or divorce?


Does your teen have trouble focusing at school and elsewhere?


Do you want to make sure that your teen is prepared to flourish in college and beyond?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, your teen might be a perfect fit for this course.


Your teen will learn how to master these success habits:



- Engage in dialogue

- Listening

- Receive feedback

- Give constructive feedback

- Resolve conflicts



- Commitment

- Compassion

- Composure

- Cooperation

- Effort 

- Excellence

- Initiative

- Integrity

- Perseverance

- Responsibility

- Self-confidence

- Self-discipline


By practicing these people skills and behaviors, your teen will be better equipped to handle the challenges of school, the workplace, and personal relationships.   


How the course works:

1.  After discussing a teen's specific needs with his or her parents, Mike will put together a curriculum that matches those needs.

2.  The teen receives 24/7 access to a subscription website that contains training videos, articles, inspiring quotes, and more.  He or she will be able to work at his or her own pace on the lessons that Mike assigns.

3.  Over the twelve weeks of the course, Mike will stay in touch with the teen via email to offer congratulations and encouragement as he or she progresses.

4.  Every other week (six times), the teen and Mike will have a one-on-one conversation via telephone, FaceTime, or Skype.  During these calls, Mike will provide more instruction on stress management, boosting creativity, and guidance on whatever aspects are most important for your teen's specific situation.  

5.  After the twelve weeks are over, your teen will continue to have access to the subscription website (until one year after the start of the course).  This means that he or she will be able to keep strengthening these important habits months after the course has concluded.  


Also, as a "thank you" gift, parents who order the course for their teens will receive the eBook version of Mike's book, Teaching Happiness And Innovation.  


What does the course cost?

After we've had the chance to discuss your teen's needs, Mike will send you an invoice for $897 (plus tax).  This price includes:

- Twelve weeks of guidance, encouragement, and online instruction

- Six one-on-one conversations via telephone, FaceTime, or Skype

- Continuing subscription website membership after course is over (up to one year after course begins)

- A copy of my book, Teaching Happiness And Innovation (eBook version) 


Interested in getting started?

Please send me an email from the contact page describing why you think your teen would be a good fit for this course.  We'll set up a brief phone consultation.  After that, Mike will be in touch to get the ball rolling with your teen.

Mike looks forward to meeting your family and helping your teen get on track for success in school and life!

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